Creative Robotics

Creative Robotics is a research unit within the University for Arts and Design Linz that was set up with the goal of investigating robotics as an interface between the digital and physical world.

CR is engaged in arts-based and industrial research covering a wide range of applications, from developing new robotic processes with traditional craftsmen and SMEs to realizing highly visible robot installations with partners from various industries. We want to distribute our knowledge as widely as possible and are therefore highly engaged in research-led teaching at various stages.

We are open to collaborations with researchers, SMEs, artists, designers, inventors, and innovators and invite you to get in touch



Johannes Braumann is professor for Creative Robotics at UfG Linz, leading an interdisciplinary team of researchers towards exploring robots as an interface between the digital and physical world. As co-founder of the Association for Robots in Architecture, Johannes is tightly linked with both the robotics and design community.


He is the main developer of the accessible robot simulation and programming tool KUKA|prc , which is today used by more than 100 universities and 50 companies world-wide.


Karl Singline is a graduate architect and roboticist from Australia. After graduating from the University of Tasmania with a Master of Architecture, where he played a key role in integrating a KUKA robotic arm into the curriculum for both the school of architecture as well as other faculties and community groups, he launched his popular YouTube channel with over 550,000 views, specializing in tutorials on visual programming and robotics.
As a full-time researcher within Creative Robotics, Karl works on personal research as well as partnering with external industry partners to further explore new ways of adapting robotic technologies to architecture and other creative industries.


Emanuel Gollob graduated in design investigations at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna. Since 2017 he is doing artistic research in the intersection of human-AI interaction, neuroscience and robotic. In collaboration with Johannes Braumann he developed “Robot, Doing Nothing”. From 2018 to 2019 he was working with a multidisciplinary team on the follow-up project “Doing Nothing with AI”, which used a GAN machine learning model trained with EEG feedback to generate robotic movement. Since June 2020 he is part of the Creative Robotics PEEK “FAR – Fashion & Robotics” research team at UFG Linz.


Amir Bastan graduated in the Interface Cultures department at the University of Art and Design, Linz. He is experienced in interaction design, real-time processes and live-visual programming. Alongside his artistic career, Amir has been developing site specific media installations for artist and industry partners.
Since 2018, Amir has been part of Creative Robotics with a focus on real-time interaction with robotic arms, as well as, teaching Computational Thinking in the Fashion&Technology department at the University of Art and Design, Linz.





Martin graduated from the Higher Department of Automotive Engineering at HTBLA Steyr and studied and worked several years in the field of Mechanical Engineering before he decided to study at Kunstuniversität Linz. He has professional experience in Engineering Materials, Lightweight Design and CAX in Process and Product Development. Martin holds a Master’s Degree with distinction in Industrial Design and found his role as Connector at the Interface of experimental Technology and applied Arts.


Benjamin graduated with distinction from the Higher Department of Mechatronics of HTL Mödling. After one year as a design engineer in special machine construction, he started industrial design studies at the University of Art and Design in Linz. In 2015, he finished his bachelor’s degree and completed a semester abroad in Medical Design at the Muthesius Art University in Kiel. Since 2016 he is working as research assistant in the Laboratory for Creative Robotics.


In 2017, he founded the Creative Robotics spin-off PRINT A DRINK  – the world first 3D printing technology for drinkable liquids.


Bashir Bastan graduated in Graphic Design from Shiraz University of Art, Iran, in 2014 and studying Master of Visual Communication at the University of Art & Design Linz, Austria.
He is a visual artist who interested in exploring the symbols to achieve a visual language and represent the concept in his artworks. He has worked as a creative director in Tehran, Iran and Linz, Austria. since 2005 his graphic designs, paintings and illustrations have been exhibited in numerous festivals & galleries, such as Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran, Iran,  and Next Comic Festival Linz in 2018.


Since 2020, Bashir has been working as a student assistant at creative robotics.

Moritz is an undergraduate student of Fashion&Technology at the University of Art and Design in Linz. He joined Creative Robotics as a research assistant in June 2020, and has focused his work on computational design and the use of robotics as a bridge to the physical world. He pursues creative projects in many contexts, setting up new production methods to design in uncharted territory.