Creative Robotics pursues education and knowledge transfer efforts at several levels: 


  • University Courses 
  • Public Outreach 
  • Knowledge Transfer 

University Courses 

Creative Robotics offers a series of university courses at the University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz. 

Visual Programming I and Visual Programming II provide an opportunity for students to learn how to program a KUKA robot using the accessible robot simulation and programming environment KUKA|prc  within the visual programming environment Grasshopper. The courses are offered in the winter and summer semester, beginners can start in either semester, while student who finish one course can continue their project in the next semester. Students from all fields are welcome, with the opportunity to pursue robotics within their own field. Basic understanding of CAD software is recommended. 


Robotic Prototyping is currently being set up as a course to introduce students to the in-depth handling of a KUKA robotic arm, finishing with an official KUKA Student Basic certificate. There are no prerequisites for the course. Domain-specific courses are offered for individual study programs, like e.g. a robotics course for Fashion and Technology. 

Knowledge Transfer 

Creative Robotics supports enthusiasts, start-ups, and small companies who want to use digitization and robotics within their fields. Towards that goal, we are currently setting up a knowledge base, funded through the Federal Ministry, that will facilitate new users to get started with robotic arms. Collaborations with associations like the Wood and Furniture Cluster MHC and the Association for Robots in Architecture allow us support in particular local users and connect them with researchers, companies, and similarly-minded individuals. Creative Robotics’ dedication for knowledge transfer is proven by successful start-ups like Print-A-Drink and YOKAI Studios that resulted from ideas developed at the department, and platforms such as Karl Singline’s YouTube channel that provides information to robot users worldwide. 

Individual workshops and knowledge-transfer sessions can be arranged, please let us know about your robotic ideas. 

Public Outreach 

The department is highly engaged in public outreach and collaborating with institutions such as the Grand Garage and the Ars Electronica to bring robotic technology closer to the public, supporting programs involving primary and secondary school students, as well as continuing education efforts.


Exhibitions and events are organized through the Ars Electronica, while the partnership with Grand Garage opens up robotic arms to a much wider public, giving members the chance to work hands-on with robots on their own projects. Creative Robotics is also collaborating with other educational institutions to co-advise and support robotic diplomas and theses. 


Creative Robotics’ workshops aim to investigate the state-of-the-art application of robotics at various scales from the urban fabric right down on-site construction methods. With the adaptation of robotics in architecture & other creative industries, there is access to new opportunities through the application of these emergent technologies within design, fabrication and construction that has the potential to challenge traditional means.


Over the course of our workshops the primary goal is to explore the adaptation of these synchronous technologies as they relate to existing workflows and applications of physicalizing the digital, to generate new and exciting approaches to the built environment.