Ars Electronica Festival 2020



The robodrum project is a robotic setup consisting of 4 KUKA robotic arms equipped with drums, which doesn’t aim to replicate a human performance exactly, nor to be better or faster than one. Instead, it becomes an algorithmic system that allows visitors to leave acoustic traces. Rather than playing in front of one big audience, the robots tirelessly play for many small ones, with each group adding to the previous data. This is enabled through Ableton Live’s capture technology, which can take human input, analyze it, and turn it into a loopable drum pattern. Creative Robotics (UfG Linz) developed a system to connect the audio software with industrial robots, so that musical tasks can be intelligently assigned to multiple machines. Through the gentle support of technology, one can create complex loops without needing training or even the physical capabilities to do so, while becoming an experimental output device for experienced musicians.


  • Johannes Braumann, Amir Bastan, Martin Schwab