“Lormen” is a communication technique used by deafblind people with non-deafblind people and by deafblind people with each other. The “speaker” touches the palm of the hand of the “reader”. Each finger, as well as certain parts of the hand, are assigned to specific letters. 


Sofia Prinz and Bettina Fuchs developed the “Lormbot” project, in which this communication technology is implemented using a KUKA robot. The project is an example of inclusion in action.


The Lormbot has been exhibited at the Ars Electronica Center and was awarded the “Social Innovation Award 2023” by the City of Linz. It was developed as part of “Visual Programming” at ID Linz and Creative Robotics.


  • Bettina Fuchs,
  • Sofia Prinz
  • with Creative Robotics