A robotic arm is programmed to move a USB microscope with a super slow speed above an abstract-textured object while a high-resolution screen shows the moving image of the microscope in real-time.
The microscopic landscapes appear bigger than the object itself.
Through a touchless interaction process the audience can interact with the installation: the soft movement of the hand in the air in front of the robot triggers the smooth change of the direction of the microscope‘s movement.
At the same time, for this project to achieve a pleasant and smooth frame rate in a microscopic level, the robot was programmed to move extremely slowly indeed it looks like it is not even moving at all. As a whole, this project proposes the aesthetic experience of placing an extreme movement in contrast to an extreme scale.


This project was realized at: Creative Robotics(UfG) with the support of Fashion&Robotics and Grand Garage


  • Amir Bastan,