PRINT A DRINK is the world´s first 3D printing technology for drinkable liquids. The technology merges methods from robotics, life sciences and design to explore a completely new field of 3D-printing. Rather than building up objects layer by layer, the process uses a high-end industrial robot to accurately inject microliter-drops of edible liquid into a cocktail. Within a minute, PRINT A DRINK can build up complex 3D structures in a wide range of drinks – creating fascinating augmented cocktails using only natural ingredients.

As a pioneer it pushes the boundaries of additive manufacturing into an entirely new field. Despite its high degree of innovation, PRINT A DRINK is a very flexible process. For the 3D drinks, conventional fruit juices, syrups, water and alcohol can be used. The printing process works without artificial ingredients.


  • Benjamin Greimel,
  • Johannes Braumann, Philipp Hornung